Huawei V4 Algo Unlock Code Calculator

Huawei V4 Algo Unlock Code Calculator

Huawei V4 Algo Unlock Code Calculator is a service we offer our users to Generate Their Unlock Codes, This Codes can be use to Unlock V4 Algo Based Devices , There were no Online tools or Software available to Generate the V4 Algo codes , But we can calculate the huawei V4 Algo unlock Codes using Hash Files, The Hash files Which Should be generated by the user with the help of any 3rd party application such as DC-Unlocker or Putty.

For the Easy method here we Recommend to use DC-Unlocker software

Steps to Generate the Hash File:

  • Download DC – Unlocker Software
  • Make Sure Device is Connected Properly
  • Click Read button in DC Unlocker
  • PUT This Command at The END Of the Results and HIT Enter Button AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128
  • A Hash Text Will Display as Result – Copy That
  • Save The Text in Notepad

How can i Get Huawei V4 Unlock Code ?

  • Click Buy button Below
  • Complete The Payments
  • Send Your Hash File Generated by DC-Unlocker to or
  • Pay Rs-200/- for india and other country $4 via paypal
  • Get your Unlock Code

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