How to Unlock Airtel Huawei E 5573 Wi-Fi Router 100%

Airtel India has recently launched a new Huawei‘s Mobile WiFi router, the E5573s-606 (Huawei E5573). It comes with customized firmware and there is no option to enter the unlock code. When you will change the default SIM card of Airtel with any another network, then it will show already used 10 codes and attempts to try is 0. It runs on the firmware version You can also check the firmware version of your device., in this case a normal user cannot Reset the unlock counter of Airtel Huawei e5573 Wi-Fi Router, in this Guide i am providing you the complete solution to Reset The Counter of Huawei E 5573 , Also here you can get steps to unlock Huawei E 5573.


  • Insert a non Accepted SIM & Connect Device into a Computer
  • Let the Driver Install Itself and browser open normally
  • Airtel Device unlock Screen Will Show ” ZERO ” Attempts Left
  • Download Firmware 1Download
  • Flash With This Firmware
  • if its asking Password – Enter the Firmware code
  • Click Here to Download Flash code calculator
  • Enter IMEI of Router And click Calculate, it shows a flash code
  • Flash Code is Also Known as Firmware code , Which is used as password while we trying to change the Firmware of any Huawei Device

Now Our First Steps for Unlocking is Completed ?


Got an Unlock Code ? if YES go for Next and Final Steps to Unlock this Device


  • Download Firmware 2Download
  • Flash Device with this firmware
  • after successful flashing just reconnect the device
  • Browser will Load to a page where Airtel Dashboard Asking Enter Unlock Code
  • Enter The Unlock Code – You Received From us
  • Huawei E 5573 unlocked Permanently

Download Firmware 1 – Huawei_E5573s-606_Firmware_21.
Download Firmware 2 – Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21.

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